The Department of Constitutional, International, and Administrative Law was established by the order of the rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University on August 31, 2000, No. 119, and is a structural unit of the Educational and Scientific Law Institute.

Since 2000, the department has been staffed by Professor Yevhen Petrovych Chuchuk, Professor Serhiy Myronovych Derevianko, Professor Vasyl Lukianovych Muntian, and Professor Oleh Volodymyrovych Marcheliak.

Currently, the department consists of 7 full-time employees and one external collaborator: Head of the Department Volodymyr Ivanovych Rozvadovskyi, PhD in Law, Associate Professor; Professor, Doctor of Juridical Sciences Vitaliy Vasylovych Knish; Associate Professor, PhD in Law Iryna Ihorivna Petrovska; Associate Professor Oksana Vasylivna Burlak; Lecturer, PhD in Law Liubomyr Vasylovych Zinich; Lecturer, PhD in Law Andrii Arkadiyovych Albhu; Lecturer, PhD in Law Andrii Volodymyrovych Fedoronchuk. In order to strengthen the department in the field of international law, Professor, Doctor of Juridical Sciences Mykhailo Vsevolodovych Buromenskyi from the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv has been invited as an external collaborator.

The department is supported in organizational and technical aspects of the educational process by the laboratory assistant of the department, Diana Olehivna Danyliuk.

The above-mentioned faculty of the department provides teaching of specialized disciplines for full-time and part-time students at the Educational and Scientific Law Institute, including “Constitutional Law,” “Administrative Law,” “Constitutional Law of Ukraine,” “Administrative Law of Ukraine,” “Financial Law,” “Tax Law,” “State Law of Foreign Countries (in English),” “International Public Law (in English),” International Humanitarian Law, Law of International Organizations, as well as relevant legal disciplines in other departments of the university.

In order to optimize the educational process, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the department’s instructors apply a creative approach to preparing lectures and seminars, organizing individual and independent work of students in distance learning.

In 2010, the department established an educational and methodical cabinet for the normative disciplines “Constitutional Law of Ukraine,” “Administrative Law of Ukraine,” and “International Law.”

The faculty of the department actively combines teaching work with scientific research. They continuously work on the planned research topic “Legal Issues of State-Building Processes in Ukraine” (registration number 0111U002648), which involves developing a scientific and theoretical foundation for the fundamental aspects of state-building processes in the country, which is crucial for the development and strengthening of Ukraine’s independence, formation and enhancement of partnership principles in the relationship between the authorities and local self-government bodies.

Over the past five years, the department’s team has published 5 monographs, dozens of scientific articles, conference papers at various levels, and methodological manuals.

Under the guidance of the department’s faculty, students actively participate in scientific conferences at the institute and the university. Based on the results of their public presentations, research by students, including Yana Holubovska’s work in 2021 on the topic “E-Democracy as a Mechanism for Youth Participation in State Governance” and Irina Turkiv’s work in 2020 on the topic “Issues of Legal Definition of Presidential Constitutional Responsibility in Ukraine,” were published in the collection of scientific works “