Center for Constitutional Justice Research

Center for Constitutional Justice Research
According to the order of the University Rector No. 2 dated January 2, 2019, the Center for Constitutional Justice Research was established. The head of the center, appointed by the same order, is Volodymyr I. Rozvadovsky, an associate professor, and candidate of legal sciences at NNUI.

The center carries out its activities based on the provision on the Center for Constitutional Justice Research. The work of the center is conducted systematically. During the current year, researchers have been conducting studies on the following topics on a public basis:

Writing a monograph on the “Significance of P.P. Yuzkov’s Doctrine on the Constitutional Court.” Currently, work on this research is nearing completion.

The next monograph is on the topic of “Constitutional and Legal Status of Participants in Constitutional Proceedings: Theory and Practice.”

At the request of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, I, together with the faculty members of the department, have prepared 7 scientific-expert conclusions, specifically on public specialization. This indicates that our scientific-expert conclusions on constitutional proceedings are of significant importance to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

In the future, cooperation is planned with the Legal Clinic of NNUI to provide legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in preparing constitutional complaints to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. We believe that this year, assistance to our compatriots is extremely necessary.

Another important direction of the center’s work is the implementation of constitutional education.

At the initiative of the center, a round table on the topic “The Significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948: Implementation in Ukraine” was held on December 10, 2019.

On June 25, 2020, the participants of the center presented their research at an international online conference on decentralization issues titled “Problems of Transforming Constitutional Principles of Financial and Material Basis of Local Self-Government in the Conditions of Public Power Decentralization in Ukraine.”

It is worth noting that with each passing year, the participation of members of the scientific-advisory council of the center in their scientific presentations increases.

For example, five members of the center participated in the work of the international scientific-practical online conference on “International and National Mechanisms of Direct Democracy: Theory and Practice,” which took place on January 22, 2021.

Members of the advisory council actively participated in organizing and conducting scientific online debates on June 25, 2021, in the form of a round table on the topic “Experience of the 25th Anniversary of Modern Ukrainian Constitutionalism and the 30th Anniversary of Ukrainian Statehood: Achievements and Losses, Problems and Perspectives.”

The center’s members continuously provide scientific-expert conclusions upon the request of judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. This practice of interaction between the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and our institute and center contributes to constantly exploring new and interesting research, combining theory with the practice of applying norms of both national and international legislation.